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Silly Sally Sea Shell is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the well-being of dogs and cats through holistic means. Together we can make available to everyone Silly Sally Sea Shellís encyclopedic database encompassing every aspect of holisticand preventive methods.

For the last five years, under the supervision of its veterinary director, Dr. Nancy Scanlan, the database was developed. The database describes the symptoms, conventional treatments and resulting side effects, along with the holistic antidotes of all known dog and cat diseases, together with their prevention via holistic lifestyle and proper genetics. (To see an example, click on "Arthritis," on the left.) In addition it includes animal behavior, breed evaluation, identification of poisonous plants, warnings on interactions between specific herbs and conventional treatments, a listing of no-kill rescue centers by area, grief therapy, etc. This, with "1,000 questions most commonly asked of a vet" (click on "Did You Know?" on the left, for a sample) forms a powerful, time-saving, informative and unique foundation for the consulting and advice services.

To make this information available to all, Silly Sally Sea Shell is now ready for the next step: to find an animal-loving expert in the field of database programming. This person is needed to help develop our vast database system to house all the information that has already been researched and deemed beneficial. If you are qualified and feel that you would like to bring your expertise to help us help make the planet a healthier place for our animal friends, please contact us at sillysallyseashell@earthlink.net. Future research on alternative methods will continue to be assessed and included if proven valid.

Silly Sally Sea Shell has gotten this far with the support and encouragement of the Humane Society of the United States who gave us our first donation. Now Silly Sally Sea Shell is ready to progress to the next step. With your help this database can soon be made available to everyone. Please join us in creating a safer and healthier environment for our animal companions by clicking here.

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Love conquers all...

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All information offered is for educational purposes ONLY,
and is not meant to substitute for a consultation with a licensed veterinarian.
Please always take your pet to a vet if you suspect a problem.

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